She is just the cutest ever!!

She thinks Brianna is very funny! It is so adorable to see her laugh hysterically when her sister is entertaining her! She can sit up on her own now as well. She started around Thanksgiving and now she is a pro! It is so amazing how quickly they grow and learn!

She looks at the kids running around and playing and you can just see the wheels turning in that cute little head of hers and you know she is thinking, “I want to do that too!”

So sweet! I just love her so very much! I would post pics, but I still can’t get into my imagemagician account from home.. đŸ˜¦

3 thoughts on “Kaitlyn!”

  1. Isn’t it great once they are old enough to start interacting with their siblings? I have a video clip of Lauren the first time we put her in the tub with Kaelyn. She had been sitting up for a few weeks. Anyway, Kaelyn was pouring water in her own mouth and then letting it dribble out. For some reason Lauren thought that it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. The giggles that came out of her were enormous!


  2. Awwww…to sweet!

    She is getting so big.

    I remember when Ashlyn was so easily amused by Kaycee. They still play great together, but fight quite a bit too, lol.

    I have a feeling this little bean will find his big brother and sister very amusing. I can already hear the belly laughs and can’t wait to hear them for real!


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