A new friend..

I talked to my friend Kristen today.. I would have considered her an acquantance from church before.. but after our conversation today, I would say we are friends! We shared some pretty deep things about our marriages and just our lives in general and it was really good to talk to someone else who is in the same boat.. I think she felt the same way as well.. She and her husband are going through some struggles right now and I’m glad that I could just be there for her to talk. The Holy Spirit was definitely using me this week and I’m so thankful that I listened.. I’m not really a fan of calling people on the phone, it feels like I might be bothering them. But I thought about Kristen and said, I should call her.. Then I decided against it and it was like I was wrestling with it in my mind.. Finally I said, OK God, I get it. and called her up.. Got the machine.. Anyway.. We ran into each other yesterday. Brianna had to get her second flu shot and the kids go to the same Ped. office.. So I told her to call me anytime and she called today when she had a free minute. We were on the phone for a long time and it just felt so good to talk to her.. And Brian and I had a really good discussion afterwards too.. I told her that anytime she needed us to watch the kids when they were going to counseling or just a date night that we would do it! I really want to help them out any way that I can..

Thank you Lord. Thank you for using me to help Kristen during this time. Thank you for helping me get over my fear of telephone communication!

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