am I still awake!!! My headache is finally gone! Wahoo!! I got all the clothes off of my bed, took my pills and went downstairs.. My intention was to get Kaitlyn and go to bed.. I ended up starting a puzzle and watching the Eagles game with Brian.. So here it is, hours later and I’m still up! I did the whole outside of the puzzle.. except one piece.. but I refused to look through the pile for the third time to find it.. Then I came upstairs, got the bed ready, turned on the fan and decided to check LJ and email.. 30 minutes later.. still up! What is wrong with me!!! Seriously, I’m going to bed any minute now! I have a 10:45 appt. with Dr. Ruedrich tomorrow.. Routine womanly check-up.. Wahoo.. NOT.. It isn’t the worst thing in the world, but not the best either.. Thinking about alternative birth control.. IUD maybe????? Ang and anyone else.. have any input??? Minipill is treating me right though.. All right.. Katie is hungry.. Time for bed! Good night all!!!

2 thoughts on “Why..”

  1. im trying to get my body use to going to bed & waking up since i start work monday morning and i here i sit b/c me and a friend were playing this fun addictive game online helping each other with levels!!!!! I have nothing but great reviews for my paragard IUD http://www.paragard.com/ have had for almost a year and no problems at all


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