$268 later…

Good thing our new insurance kicks in next week.. We used up all benefits for the year.. I had a $248 balance at the Ped.. and then a $20 co-pay for taking Katie in today..

Our new insurance isn’t as great a plan and we will have to pay more out of pocket, which really stinks..

US health care stinks..

4 thoughts on “$268 later…”

  1. I hate co-pays!!! I hear ya! At least we have some sort of insurance though. I had to pay $125 for Adam’s surgery which shocked me, but better than the $4680 summary I received the other day. Healthcare is just so spendy.


  2. I know what you mean! When Brianna was in for tests we got all sorts of bills.. $50 here, $100 there.. but when looking at the summary it was $1000’s.. so crazy..


  3. Glad the new year is just around the corner! It sucks to have to pay for co-pays and such but it is better than nothing….

    We have a bill for a knee surgery Keven had before we were married (I had insurance & he didn’t). I think we still have a balance of around $6000. It was $12,000 total! Thank goodness we don’t pay interest on the balance and we only have to pay $75 a month.


  4. Wow!! It’s so amazing how every little thing, like taking a tylenol can add up and before you know it, it’s in the $1000’s… I hope your able to pay off that bill soon! That is wonderful that there is no interest!


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