Brian is coming home!

He has a half day today! I’m so excited to spend some extra time with him today!!! He is going ot lunch with Dan and Peter and then he is heading home. I’m going to meet him at GoodYear because his car is acting funny. He thinks it is a belt that needs to be replaced! I have no idea what we are going to do today but I’m just glad that he is going to be home!!!! He wrote me the cutest note this morning. He leaves me a note pretty much every morning.. He cracks me up! I love him!

My dearest Veronica,

By the time you read this I will be long gone. You see, I have decided to go to Dublin for a half day. I will miss you and the kids, but this is something I just had to do. But there is good news. I will return early in the afternoon. In anticipation of my return, I would appreciate it if you put the kids to bed and waited for me on the couch. And of course, you would be nakie on the couch. I must go now. I am off to conquer 270 North. I shall return.

Your dearest Brian Quinn

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