2 thoughts on “Hm…”

  1. This happens to me often unfortunately. The good thing he he is always there when we need him. 🙂

    I just got a new bible that I really like. I have quite a few but I like to get a new one every once in a while. This one is the Chicken Soup for the Soul Bible. It’s The New Living Translation. I hadn;t really heard anything about it but I like it and it makes it easy to read. I was in a slump myself but the fresh pages have helped me get back into reading the bible.


  2. That sounds like something I would like.. I just got a new one not to long ago. It’s the NLT Bible in a year.. I haven’t started it yet, but will this weekend.. I’ve also been reading Brianna her bible, try to every night.. It’s great.. Got the Old Testament and New Testament.. “The New Bible In Pictures For Little Eyes” It’s great! It has the story on one side and the picture on the other. Then it asks questions on the story and picture and then has a little prayer.. Brianna has really learned a lot from it!


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