Is this odd or what!

In my dream I was pregnant and being held captive.. Brian rode in on a motorcycle pretending he didn’t know me or any of the other captives.. And used the phone.. He was checking out the place and figuring out how to get us out.. Then I went upstairs into a room. Across the hall this bad guy was getting out of the bathroom and saw that there were a bunch of messages on the answering machine so he yelled about no one picking up the phone and he started checking messages. I faked passing out.. The bad guy was on the phone with his mother and looking at me saying.. she’s really having contractions.. Then he checked to see if I was breathing.. Then he left.. I got up and went downstairs.. Then I decided I wanted my nipple pierced so I went back upstairs and this women showed me how it was done.. and it looked like the process to insert an IUD, but it was my nipple getting pierced.. She pierced it and it didn’t hurt at all.. Then I remembered that I was breastfeeding and asked her if I still could and she said yes.. I went back downstairs and went to show people and when I pulled up my shirt the piercing had come out.. So I decided not to get it done again..

So isn’t that just bizarre!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Is this odd or what!”

  1. That is the weird part.. I have never thought about having it pierced.. I think that it has something to do with me getting an IUD next week though, because it looked just like one.. Very wild.. Dreams are so interesting and funny!


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