Too much Baby Story!

I forgot to post this.. On Christmas we went to my parents for presents and dinner..

Brianna had gotten a stuffed animal kitten and puppy.. minny and ruffy.. so anyway.. I look over and she is playing doctor with Aunt Freda.. She had Freda lie down.. put minny and ruffy under her shirt.. Then she said.. “We have to cut the babies out” used her game cartridge from leapster and pretended to cut Freda’s stomach.. Took out minny and ruffy and said.. Oh look.. your babies!” Then she put them on her dora tray to “clean” them off.. Then gave them back to Freda and took a pretend picture..

Then she said it was her turn!

They did it over and over, switching places for a good 30 minutes!

Isn’t that wild! She watches TLC in the morning.. Her cartoons and Baby Story comes on right after and sometimes I’m in the shower or she just wants me to leave it on.. She wants to see the babies.. and the last one she had seen was a c-section..

Kids are so funny! It’s amazing what they pick up!

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