Fraggle Rock and another Harry!

I love this show! I just ordered From the Beginning and Dance Your Cares Away from Amazon.com! I cannot wait until it gets here! Brianna will enjoy it so much! It was a staple of my childhood! I’m so excited that it is on DVD!!!

I also got Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.. I’m looking forward to watching it again and adding it to my collection! I really wasn’t a fan of the movie because it left so much of the book out, but maybe, after watching it a few times, I will catch things that I missed (Kaitlyn was with me when I saw it and I was admiring her throughout the movie!) and grow to love it…

4 thoughts on “Fraggle Rock and another Harry!”

  1. I loved Fraggle Rock when I was a kid!

    Harry Potter is a huge hit here. We all love the movies and Hayley and I are huge fans of the books. I agree though the POA movie left way too much out from the book. I know they can’t put everything in, but some of it that they left out was crucial info, at least I thought it was!


  2. Yes! I thought the same thing! They left out crucial parts of the movie!! I don’t know how they are going to make the next one.. I know they can’t put everything in, but I would have at least tried to put things in order and put in the crucial information that was needed..

    I’m also sad because I miss the old Dumbledore 😦


  3. Oh my gosh I LOVED Fraggle Rock!!! I never even thought to look for it on Amazon (we buy books there all the time). I remember being sent a package of Fraggle Rock books when I was little and you know how you’d get to keep one or two for “Free” but one had to be sent back or paid for… well my fave (it was purple) had to be sent back so I hid it from my mom. LOL
    Good times.

    Off to look them up on Amazon!

    Enjoy your new purchases! 🙂


  4. I had those books! My Mom and I were just talking about them! I had the blue one.. It was called What Doozers Do or something like that!! I think it is in a box at my Mom’s! I going to have to look for that! LOL that you hid it! I would have too!!! Fraggles are awesome! I can’t wait to share them with Brianna!


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