I’m up, I’m up…

I am so tired.. Katie was up and talking at 4:30am.. And I had forgotten to turn on the monitor, so I click it on and I hear Brianna up and talking as well!!! Katie finally nursed to sleep (she was a nursing champ last night.. She wanted to nurse a lot!!) Brianna came into our room around 5:15 and Brian told her to go back to bed.. Katie was up for good around 7:30.. So I got dressed and when I came out of my room there was an interesting site by Brianna’s door.. She had peed on the floor and then there was a mound of toilet paper on it where she had tried to clean it up.. I got Kaitlyn changed and headed downstairs.. Brianna had new underwear on and told me she had an accident (which I don’t blame her for at all.. She had a lot to drink at the bowling ally and then fell asleep on the way home so I just put her straight to bed..) So I put on my sunbeam water heater.. I love that thing! So I could make my hot chocolate and baked apple oatmeal.. and headed upstairs to clean and of course get on here! The girls are playing and watching TLC.. I love their children’s programing!

I’m also without the van today.. 😦 Brian’s car didn’t get done yesterday and I didn’t feel like getting us all ready to go so that I could drop him off and have it.. So we are home bound today…

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