I’ve been Mirena-ized..

My appointment was at 11:30 and I got there right on time.. Our new insurance is weird, and this is the first time I’ve been to the doc with it.. There is no co-pay but we are supposed to pay, and they didn’t quite know what to do with it.. So I payed upfront $575.. $400 for the Mirena.. $175 for the insertion.. That wasn’t too fun, but I did the math and by doing this we are saving $680 over the 3 years that I want it in.. When Dr. Ruedrich clamped my cervix it wasn’t too bad.. Just a little cramp.. I felt some pressure and lots of cramping when he placed the Mirena in though.. So that wasn’t fun.. Then he couldn’t find his scissors to cut the string.. so he left the room, with me spread eagle, and everything still in me to find them.. That wasn’t fun either.. but he found them, didn’t look in the right drawer (men!) and clipped the string and I was all done.. I had taken Tylenol before I left.. When I got back to my Mom’s I took 2 more.. Then I nursed Katie and then we took a nap.. I just woke up.. I think I feel bad because of the cold I’m getting.. I’m still feeling slightly crampy, but nothing too bad at all! I’m glad that we are using this as our form of birth control.. Thanks for all of the recommendations!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “I’ve been Mirena-ized..”

  1. I had my appointment at 11:30 too! But I had to have STD cultures (not a normal PAP procedure, but required prior to insertion of IUD). They will call me in 48 hours when cultures are done and then I schedule the appointment to have it put in!

    Glad you hear that it went well for you! Keep me updated of any other happenings with it!


  2. I’m glad it went well. That sucks that he couldn’t find his sissors. You’ll love it, I’m glad I went with that as my bc choice too, it’s sutch a no brainer.


  3. That is funny Veronica because my dr did almost the same thing!!! He couldn’t find the scissors so sent the nurse to get them, me spread eagle, him standing there pretending to look for the missing scissors, then she comes back with the wrong kind. It was one of the most incomfortable moments in my life.

    I’m glad it went relatively well!!!


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