Christmas 2004 Pictures!

Finally! Here they are!! 🙂

Our Tree

Santa presents

Me, Katie and Brianna opening a santa gift

Katie inspecting a santa gift

Brianna opening a santa gift

Brianna opening another santa gift

Brianna’s favorite santa gift, her cat and dog, minnie and ruffy

Katie opening her activity mat

Me and Katie is nursing, but she got cut off 😦

Katie enjoying her activity mat

Katie again

Katie again

Brianna opening up Dora Leapster Game

Brianna opening another gift

Brianna opening up my gifts haha

The gift Brian made for me! I love it

Brianna’s new bible

My Aunt Freda

My Uncle Rick

My Mom

My brother, Dwight

Figuring out the Leapster


12 thoughts on “Christmas 2004 Pictures!”

  1. Yeah! He got the idea from a photo montage you can get done at Sear’s.. It was $99 though so he just did the black and whites himself! My fave pictures are of the girls feet!


  2. Great pics! Looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas.
    Side note, in the first pic, on your coffee table is the Christmas story book. We have the same book. That would be the book that prompted Haileys question about how the baby got out of Mary lol.
    btw… you look great. I don’t think I’ve seen a pic of you in a long time. The kids look cute as ever too.


  3. what a THOUGHTFUL husband, that is fantastic! I LOVE them! The girls look like they had a fantastic day! You all look so happy! I love the pics! Thank you so very much for sharing!!


  4. omg! Brian is AWESOME! I think I would die of shock if Andy made something like that! 🙂 Those are sweeeeeeeeet 🙂 I love the pic of Brianna w/ her cat and dog! That’s so cute! 🙂 Sweet girls 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever seen you either! You’re pretty!!!!


  5. What great pictures! Your girls are so super cute, I want to squeeze them! lol What awesome pictures, Brian did an awesome job! You look wonderful, glad you had such a good holiday.:)


  6. Those are such great pictures! I love the photo collages that your hubby did!

    Your girls are so precious and beautiful. I can see where they get their good looks. 😉

    Looks like it was a GREAT Christmas!!!


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