Clothes are fun!!

I got a few things from NY&Co yesterday!!! A pair of lowrise, flair jeans.. and two long sleeve button down shirts.. one in a tangerine stripe and one in blues and whites.. i put on the tangerine one, the jeans and my brown boots, did my hair and make-up and Brian was quite excited to see me when he walked in the door last night!!

21 thoughts on “Clothes are fun!!”

  1. WooWoo sexy mama! I can’t wait until I have a body that semi resembles something other than roly poly to go shopping for new clothes!


  2. Sexy mama is definitely how I felt.. of course if I lifted my shirt and actually saw the rolls of fat coming out of my jeans I probably would have fainted dead away LOL!


  3. Oh, I’m sure you are gorgous! *smooch*

    There really is something about new clothes isn’t there! Something that just makes you feel wonderful and sexy and beautiful no matter how you were feeling before….Even being pregnant getting new clothes feels great!


  4. LOL please, you look great!

    Now me on the other hand, my defining moment was when I was nursing Alex and Joe was sitting next to me and looked at my stomach and said “you have a big stomach mom” lol Thanks Joe!


  5. LOL! After I had Kaitlyn, Brianna would point to my stomach and ask if there was another baby in there.. I was like, um no.. Wouldn’t it be nice if after you gave birth you magically transformed back to your pre-pregnancy state! Just like in the movies or on TV!


  6. I wish! I am running out of things to wear because I don’t want to buy new clothes now because I am hoping to still lose some weight and wearing t-shirts all the time is getting old!


  7. I was actually gonna ask Steve to take some this weekend! Maybe a few – she keeps going from so high I can barely breath to so low I can barely walk! And my tummy changes shape as she moves – it’s too cute…to see not to feel.

    I’ll be 31 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Time is just flying by!! She’ll be here before we know it!!! Two little girlies are so much fun!!! I can’t wait to see pictures! We have to get together soon too!!!!


  9. It’s fun to get all snazzed up when it is not something you normal do! I bet you looked great!

    Last week I went to NY&Co in one of our malls and they are closing that location. EVERYTHING in the store was 75% off! Woohoooo! I bought 3 pairs of work slacks (normally $44 a pair) and a pair of shorts for $51.


  10. That is awesome Crystal!!!! What a great deal!!! The shirts I got were buy one get one free! That’s the only reason I got two haha!! I love their pants because they come in tall..


  11. Me too! I went through my closet and gave away most of my clothes because they didn’t fit in some way or the other and pretty much all I have left, besides t-shirts, are clothes from NY&Co..


  12. 5’8″ but I’m all leg.. Average pants are like high waters on me LOL.. even if the tall ones shrink in the wash it looks stupid on me..


  13. I ❀ shopping for new clothes. New clothes always seem to make you feel beautiful – maybe that’s why shopping is an addicitive hobby πŸ˜‰

    I bet you look gorgeous! πŸ˜€


  14. I LOVE NY&Co. I’ve never bought anything from there and I’ve only been in a store once, but I totally fell in love with it!! I was dying… but it’s probably a good thing I was only window shopping lol. Their tangerine tops were so pretty *drool* totally jealous! And what a deal!



  15. oh I bet you looked gorgeous πŸ™‚ I’m sure tangerine complements your skin tone wonderfully πŸ™‚ I LOVED all the new clothes I got for Christmas! It always makes a woman feel nice to be dressed up. Then to have DH get excited is even more great πŸ˜€


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