Lazy day..

I have a lot to do and absolutely no motivation to get it done.. mount laundry-more is calling my name.. I don’t wanna do it!!!!! Katie is tired but refusing to take a nap.. Brianna is busy playing! I have to take a shower, I stink!!!!! And Kristen is bringing Turner by in about an hour so that I can watch him for Christie for the rest of the afternoon.. Brianna is excited to play.. I guess I will get going.. sigh.. I just want to stay in pjs all day and be a bum!

10 thoughts on “Lazy day..”

  1. have to take a shower, I stink!!!!!

    oh Lord I hear you! I must get a shower today! I have to wait for Levi to come home for lunch though….lately my shower time=child destruction time *groan*
    I had big plans to get up and take one before they woke up, but Vance was up at 4am with a fever from his immu. so when Levi got up at 6:15 he took the baby and I went back to bed!

    Anyway, I FEEL YOU!
    Have a good PJ day!!


  2. I know what you mean!! I usually take them during nap time or in the morning before the kids get up.. And even then, it’s only a few minutes, enough time to wash up and get out!!!

    Poor Vance! Shots are no fun! I hope he feels better soon! Kudos to Levi for helping you out so you could get some more rest! What a great hubby!


  3. I hear you, that is one of the things I miss most since having to come back to work, not being able to stay in my pajamas all day! I have a whole bunch of laundry to do too, we ran out of detergent earlier this week and I couldn’t get out to get more with all the snow. So guess what I will be doing this weekend! lol


  4. That picture of Katie is great! Too darn cute!

    I second the vote for a lazy day! Unfortunately I am already showered/dressed since I am at work. But I would gladly go home and be lazy if I could!


  5. Pjs are awesome!! They should let you wear them to work!!! I just started on the laundry.. oh joy.. hope taht your’s isn’t too bad this weekend!


  6. Thanks! Isn’t it hysterical!! I just had to make it an icon!!

    You should wear your pjs to work! How about I write you a note saying you can go home! šŸ™‚


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