I will go insane!

I cannot get the Labyrinth soundtrack out of my head.. I’ve cut Brianna down to once a day or every other day in watching the movie..

She is constantly talking about it though.. All pretend play involves, baby Toby and going to the castle beyond the goblin city.. That is what she was playing with Turner yesterday as well. and she did a painting at school. It consisted of a blob of purple and blue paint mixed all over the paper.. Well she told my Mom and I that it was the goblin city, but there were no people in it..

I wake up in the middle of the night and the songs start playing in my mind.. any dull or quiet moment and the songs pop in..

I hope she gets tired of this soon and we can move on to the next movie obsession!

8 thoughts on “I will go insane!”

  1. I love the movie Labyrinth! I have not seen it in years though, but I still remember the songs! I hope you get them out of your head, I hate it when that happens.


  2. I love it too! It was one of my fave’s growing up! I just got it for Christmas but Brianna has confiscated it as her own LOL! I guess I should be happy that I love the movie, I just don’t want to overdose on it so that I start to hate watching it!


  3. I think about that pretty much everytime Brianna has a movie obsession!! At least I loved Little Mermaid haha! and there is the fact that I didn’t live with you therefore not seeing it nearly as much as you had too haha!


  4. She has watched it a few times, even if I tried to put it on now, she would just look at me funny and tell me to put on Labyrinth haha!


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