Someone shoot me…

I feel awful today.. I slept until 12.. My hubby is so sweet to take care of the kids and let me sleep.. I just feel so yucky.. I think I might have a fever too because I’m just sitting here and sweating bullets.. My throat and nose are bothering me, but only mildly.. I had a headache early this morning but it went away and now it is starting to surface again…

and Katie decided at 3am that she was wide eyed and bushy tailed.. squealing in delight and trying to play..

Today is definitely a pj day.. I just want to feel better.. I don’t like being sick.. and I love to snuggle with the girls but I don’t want to so I don’t get them sick, especially Katie.. sigh..

this stinks..

6 thoughts on “Someone shoot me…”

  1. Veronica, we are twins today, I just got up here and it’s after noon and my nose and head feel full and yucky! I hope you feel better soon being sick stinks!


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