1. What is the geekiest part of your music collection?
Um.. probably Crash Test Dummies.. for that one song.. Mmmm

2. What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?
Nothing really.. but I would find something in the pantry.. probably something chocolate related..

3. What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?
Romeo and Juliet.. the version with Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes

4. If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?
Tummy tuck, but only after I’m done having all the kids that I want! haha

5. Do you have a completely irrational fear?
I’m afraid of the dark.. sometimes it even paralyzes me.. i get very scared.. especially if a basement is involved

6. What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moments?
i can’t look people in the eye and i focus on playing with my hands..

7. Are you a pyromaniac?
I will admit that fire is fun..

8. Do you have too many love interests?
my hubby and my children..

9. Do you know anyone famous?
um.. no.. i don’t think so..

10. Describe your bed:
queen size.. mission style headboard and footboard..

11. Are you spontaneous or planned?
both, but mostly spontaneous

12. Who would play u in a movie?
i don’t know..

14. What do you carry with you at all times?
Kids & diaper bag

15. What do you miss about being a kid?
naptime and being able to play and not have responsibilities

16. Are you happy with your given name?
Yep! I love it!

17. How much money would it take to get you to give up the Internet for one year?
A lot of money.. I do a lot online.. I have a lot of friendships.. I shop online.. I find out information..

18. What color is your bedroom?
white walls.. haven’t painted yet..

19. What was the last song you were listening to?
Dance magic dance.. from Labyrinth.. again!

20. Have you ever been in a play?
yes.. I was in drama for 2 years

21. Have you ever been in love?

22. Do you talk a lot?
i can…

23. Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?
sometimes, but most of the time I am very self-conscious.. this is me too..

24. Do transient, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you?

25. Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?

26. Do you spend more time with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends?
99.9% of my time is w/my family

27. What is your ideal marriage location?
mountains with a waterfall backdrop

28. Which musical instrument do you wish you could play? drums!

29. Favorite fabric?
something soft.

30. Something you love and hate?
surprises! me too!

31. What kind of bedding do you use?
cotton sheets and a comforter

32. Do you tell your friends about your sex life?
sometimes, but not usually in graphic detail.

33. What’s the one language you want to learn?

34. How do you eat an apple?
rinse it, then eat it! 😉

35. What do you order at a bar?
sex on the beach, but i rarely am in a bar

36. Have you ever pierced your body parts?
2 holes in each ear and i had my belly button pierced before Brianna..

37. Do you have tattoos?

39. Do you drive a stick?

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