Have you seen my brain??

I think I’ve lost my mind and only when it comes to being at the gas station.

Very recently I have done the following:

Forgotten to turn the engine off before pumping gas, only realizing halfway through and then shutting it off.

Almost forgetting to turn the engine off again, but Mom saved the day by turning it off for me before I could start pumping gas.

and today..

Forgetting to put the gas cap back one after pumping gas and then going through the carwash..

I didn’t figure that one out until we got home and I went to take Brianna out of the car and said.. what am I looking at.. the little door had shut but the cap was hanging out..

What is wrong with me!!!!

1 thought on “Have you seen my brain??”

  1. Just don’t get back in the car to wait for it to fill up (build up static which could spark… always ground yourself before pumping gas).

    AND if a fire ever starts, DO NOT pull the nozzle out of the tank. Leave it and get the kids out.

    Oh, and cell phones cannot – in any way – start a fire. It’s a myth.

    Ok, enough of my Gas Station Safety.

    Maybe the gas fumes are going to your head! lol! 🙂


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