I hate subjects…

I never know what to say in the subject.. I’m just not clever haha!

I switched TV’s with my Mom.. My parents had my TV from college up in their room. And we had Brian’s in our room. Well when we got our DVD player I realized it didn’t have the audio and video plug-ins. So I switched it out.. Now I can watch DVD’s in my room! Yes! And my Mom just got 24 Season 3 on DVD.. So I can start that obsession! I wanted to see season 3 before starting season 4.. Clay and Carrie DVR’d the premier for me.. So I can watch it later.. And my Mom got me The Day After Tomorrow to add to my collection! I’m very excited.

I also want to say.. I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban yesterday and it’s starting to grow on me.. I don’t HATE it like I did the first time I watched. I think I was just jaded since I had just finished reading the book and they had left out so many important (I think) details..

My Mom is so good to us! On Saturday she and my Dad dropped by to say hello. They brought Brianna pretzel sticks from Walmart, which she loves. And she got us a cool touch griddle, because Brian loves to make pancakes.. She is always thinking of us!

4 thoughts on “I hate subjects…”

  1. We watched the Prisoner of Azcaban this weekend, well, Ben watched it and I talked on the phone. Lol.
    He said the same thing, they left out so many important things. I have to watch it, then I’ll know how I feel. He was really angry that they didn’t have Lupin talk to Harry about the significance of the Stag, I agree, that is a really important part of the story line.
    Movies are never as good as books.


  2. Andy just got disc 1 of Season 3 (24) from Netflix he likes to watch them behind a season, cuz he can never catch them on TV. He’s obsessed too! lol


  3. Until a year ago we never had a TV in our room. Now that we do have it I never think to watch anything in there. Have fun watching!


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