Belly piercings!

Do you have your belly pierced???

I got mine done in college.. my sophomore year.. Then when I was home on summer break I couldn’t figure out how to take it out.. Tension didn’t occur to me LOL.. and I had my friend Mary’s husband Doug cut it off with large wire cutters.. The reason being I was going on vacation to Seattle and then San Fransisco with my family.. Swimming was going to be involved and I wore a two piece.. my Dad hates piercings.. It was like WWIII when I got my ears pierced in 6th grade.. let alone the second piercing when I was a freshman in college. He is highly opposed to piercings.. So I freaked and got rid of it.. When I went back to school my junior year.. I got it pierced again.. Then I got pregnant and freaked about him seeing it again and took it out.. So it never closed up, yet I could not get my ring back in.. a regular earring would fit though.. I was in the mall today and I passed by a boutique selling body jewelry.. So I look at it.. the guy asks me what I was looking for.. I told him my crazy story and that after two kids and all it wasn’t closed by I could not fit a 14 gauge in there.. So he said he had 16 gauges.. I bought a blue half circle with blue balls at either end.. I came home.. put an earring in it and then pushed the ring in.. It went!! I’m so excited!!! I’m going to keep this in for awhile and then I’m going to try to get my 14 gauge ring back in!!! Brian and I really liked having my belly button pierced!! He was actually one of the reasons I got it done.. He thought it was really sexy and loved to play with it.. as did I! I’m excited to have it back!!

9 thoughts on “Belly piercings!”

  1. I got mine pierced two years ago. I had to take it out when I went to jail and it closed up over night and I couldn’t get the ring back in when I got out the next day so a couple months ago like uhm.. 6.. I went and got it re-pierced.. I LOVE it.


  2. I got mine done when I was 19. I have never taken it out (except to clean). When I was PG my midwife told me that she saw better results if you left it in (less scaring). So I did and never had problems with it. Only problem now is I hate my belly! LOL


  3. That’s so cool! I had mine pierced for a few months and then I got pregnant with Ronan. It started getting really stretched (I was nice and skinny before I got pg) and I took it out when I was about 4 months. After Ronan was about 10 months I was able to get a regular earring through it, but a few days later when I went to the tattoo shop to get a regular earring, the guy couldn’t fit anything through it- my messing with it had closed it up! I loved having it done though, and I am hoping once I get skinny again (presuming my belly isn’t as stretched out as it is now). That’s so cool that you got it again!!


  4. I wish they had told me that! I took mine out because the tattoo shop told me you should take it out as soon as you get pg, and mine is stretched and scarred now. 😛


  5. I wish that I would have known that too! I have a big old stretch mark right there.. it stinks but once I have a ring it probably won’t be as noticable.. I would have taken it out anyway because my Dad went to my first ultrasound with me and he would have seen it and not been too pleased with me!!!!


  6. I hope you get one again! I think it’s so fun! My belly is beyond stretched out though.. I can’t wait to be skinny again.. although it would help if I worked out and ate right haha!


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