I’m doing it!

I have an appointment on Saturday at 10:15am!!! I’m going to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom “down there”.. I’m so freaked out! Brian doesn’t know.. I just told him I had an appointment to go to and that it was a surprise!!! I know I will love it.. just not looking forward to the pain.. Hopefully I’m not too embarrassed!!! I am way excited though!

23 thoughts on “I’m doing it!”

  1. Can you see how big my eyes got when I saw what your appointment is?????? You’re not that far away so I bet you could!

    Details and info when you get back please!!!


  2. Girl you are Brave! I think I’d do it….Hmmmm okay maybe not, I know how bad it hurts to get my eyebrows waxed, and I can only imagine the pain in my ummm more covered areas, hahaha


  3. Yea Veronica! You will love it! My next appointment is on the 22nd so I can compare the pain from the first time to the second time. I told that the pain lessens every time but I have to “see” it to believe it! LOL


  4. You’ll definitely have to let us know!! I’ve been a dedicated “shaver” for like 6 years, but smoothness would be great! LOL Oh the things we share in a journal… *blush* How ecstatic Brian is going to be!! 😉


  5. I’m a constant shaver too, so I’m interested to see how that goes. Maybe its soemthing I should look into.

    Dumb question but do they take it all off? and do you have to have it be a certain length for them to do it, I’ll hate to have it all grow out..lol!


  6. It’s way better than shaving, IMO.

    You can leave as much as you want up top. I just have a triangle but she offered to do a heart, my initials, whatever. LOL

    You need at least 3 weeks of growth in order to get it done.


  7. You will have to let me know how the second time around goes!! I know I’m going to love it.. I just am not too keen on the pain factor.. I’m sure the benefits out weigh the pain LOL!


  8. To me, you are brave! I hate shaving!! Especially that area! It makes me nauseous.. I just know Brian is going to love it though!!!


  9. Good luck! I’d really love to get that done, so you’ll have to let me know how it goes.

    I shave, and don’t even remember what hair down there looks like, LOL. But, I think being really smooth would feel nice.



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