My appointment with Amy went great.. It is so easy to open up to her! I told her about finances and how I wasn’t going to come but going off the Zoloft for just a few days made me explode.. We talked about upping my dose to 75.. if I turn into a zombie going back down to 50.. if it works then sticking with it and if it doesn’t work going up to 100.. She also gave me lots of samples and will continue to do so until I feel that we can afford the script.. She said that it is much more important for me and family to be on it than not just because of finances.. She is just so understanding and wonderful. I’m so thankful that I found her.. Anyway.. I started my larger dose today.. So we’ll see where this takes me.. I’m also going to try to write down how I’m feeling.. My concentration has been a lot better and I feel as though I have been able to focus on things that I wasn’t able to before.. Kind of like seeing the light.. So those findings I will write down in my journal..

2 thoughts on “Zoloft..”

  1. I am too… I have always felt like less of a person around doctors for some reason.. but with her it is different.. I definitely feel safe and have so much trust.. I’m very thankful to have found her!


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