Basic Irish Dance

I just signed Brianna up! I am so stoked!! I know the teacher. She is a woman I used to work with and Brianna knows her as well! The class is at the Dublin Community Recreation Center and starts February.. It is on Saturdays.. Brianna is excited to dress like a princess and learn how to dance! I love watching Irish dance and couldn’t wait until Brianna was old enough to enroll her! We always go to the Dublin Irish Festival and see the dancers.. It’s so awesome to watch! I love the dresses the girls wear, so beautiful and intricate.. and their bouncing curls.. I always joke and say that I won’t have to buy Brianna a wig if she really gets into it because she already has the curls!! Brianna got some ballet shoes the other day to wear to class.. just for fun haha! I can’t wait for it to start and neither can she! She asks about it everyday!

8 thoughts on “Basic Irish Dance”

  1. Oh my goodness! That will be SO ADORABLE! Brianna will be the cutest little Irish dancer EVER! 😀

    Just thinking about it gets me all giddy! ❤ LOL

    She will have such a blast :).


  2. Aww!!!!!!!!! She’s going to be so adorable (well, she already is)

    Janna is so jelous…ok, so really it’s me – I LOVE Irish dancing and always wanted to learn…wonder if I could find a class down here…

    Will they do recitals and such? If so you will have to let me know when and we’ll come up to see!


  3. Wow, that sounds great! I need to get Kaelyn in some sort of dance class! The poor kid is a clutz, she needs to learn some balance & grace! LOL


  4. I’m not sure about the recitals.. Deanna, the woman from work, also works at a dance studio teaching the Irish Dance.. So if I enroll Brianna there, they do recitals.. with the dresses, hair and all!

    Maybe if she really likes it, we’ll take that step!


  5. I hope so!

    I took dance, but didn’t like it.. I am a dance drop out LOL.. One of those things that I wish I would have liked now that I am older.. but you can’t make a 4 year old do something haha!


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