I’m up..

and still tired.. I didn’t get into bed until 1am.. very late for me and Katie only slept until 8.. Today we are going over to Tammy’s house for a playdate.. Tammy has fibromylagia and it has been really rough on her… She is pretty much in constant pain.. it is so hard for her to take care of her two boys Isaac and Sammy.. And I don’t call her nearly enough.. Anyway we are going there around 10.. Then I am coming straight home! I have a ton to do around this house.. And my first task is to tackle mount laundry-more.. and do the bathrooms! All 3 of them!!!!! I’m determined to get this house looking somewhat presentable..

And for my insights this morning..

I think I need to cut the umbilical cord to my parents.. mostly my Mom.. I think I am way to dependent on her.. yet I feel as though I am doing it out of love.. I really love my Mom.. She is so special to me and words can’t describe how I feel about her.. yet I feel as though I’m trying to help her get through this time in her life.. She was a stay at home mom and now both my brother and I are out of the house.. She has plenty to do but I feel sometimes like I need to be with her all the time so she isn’t lonely at all.. I know it isn’t my responsibility but I still feel like I need to be there.. But me doing that has enabled me to fall incredibly short when it comes to up keep of our home.. The reason being if I am always with my Mom or at my Mom’s I cannot keep up my house.. So I think I am going to cut down on the visits… My plan is to only go Tuesdays and Thursdays.. those are Brianna’s school days… Monday, Wednesday and Friday are home days… Plus my house is such a disaster right now that I think I was hiding out at my Mom’s so I didn’t have to see it!!

1 thought on “I’m up..”

  1. My grandmother has fybromialgia (sp?) too. I know how much pain it causes her. I do know that it can be heridary. I just hope I don’t get it.
    Have fun at your playdate. Maybe you will be able to take a nap today and catch up on some of your missed sleep.


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