that is an understatement.. I have been having the worst mornings.. I just don’t want to get out of bed before I’m ready and if I do.. I am the biggest grump.. The weekends are ok because Brian takes the kids in the morning so I can sleep in, but the weekdays.. I just wish I was a happy camper when I first woke up.. not the case, unless I’ve woken up on my own.. I need to finish mount laundry-more today.. I need to take a shower.. We have to be at my parents by 11:30 at the latest.. Got to take Dwight back to Wright State.. He came home for the weekend.. I was super bummed that LJ was down.. I had so much to write down and now I feel as though I have forgotten it all.. I think I’m getting a headache.. I am just a complainer today.. Maybe my shower will refresh me a little bit!

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