I love my husband!!

He is just so good to me! He came home and told me to stand up (I was on laying on the floor with Katie) so I did. And he got down on one knee and proposed to me and I of course said yes.. haha and Brianna yelled “Kiss, kiss, kiss” So we kissed! Then he went and got changed.. I had told him I wanted to finish up some laudry, so he told me to go upstairs and spend some time on LJ while he played with the kids.. So I’m doing laundry and online.. He is just so sweet to me.. He told me to take some time for myself, even after he had such a hard day at work, headache and all.. I am so blessed to have him in my life!!!

8 thoughts on “I love my husband!!”

  1. Awww how sweet. I’m assuming since he’s already your hubby he was giving you 2nd proposal. ?

    He sounds like such a sweet guy.


  2. Yeah… Already married! And he messed it up too, he said something about being his boyfriend.. and then he just started laughing haha! He is so funny!


  3. How cute!

    My husband didn’t get down on one knee and propose. It was incredibly romantic all the same but he didn’t say WILL you marry me, so the day before our wedding he actually asked me. I asked him what he would’ve done if I’d said no, lol.

    I thought maybe it was something like that. teehee


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