The wax that never was…

Sigh.. I didn’t get it done.. and not because I chickened out either! Friday I started spotting, so I have finally gotten my period… It was a nice 15 month reprieve.. And because of the Mirena it’s only been spotting and barely there cramps.. so that is nice..

but because of that, I couldn’t get waxed..

so until I work up the nerve again, I’ll just have to keep on trimming “her” myself.. sigh…


4 thoughts on “The wax that never was…”

  1. Man I was hoping to hear all about it too!

    Just keep telling yourself you can do it! Or wait for me and we can go together! I’m sure by then I NEED it! LOL


  2. Ah bummer. I had an appt once and i had started my period so I called to cancel. She tried to get me to come in anyways! Ewwww, no thanks!


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