We had a date!!

Brian and I got all dressed up and went out on a date! We took the kids to my parents and then went to Olive Garden!! He had gotten a gift certificate for $50 from his seller for Christmas..

Brian opened the door for me and I reached over and opened the door for him.. LOL just like when we first started dating in college..

We got there and it was packed. He dropped me off at the door so that he could park and I could get us on the list.. We decided to go to the bar and get some drinks because it was a 50 minute wait.. I had a Strawberry Roman Rita and he had a Miller Lite.. It was very good!! And I’m happy to say that it didn’t knock me off my butt!! We sat down and talked, but we were both yawning and tired.. We were starving.. Finally our little light thing went off and we got seated. I ordered the Lasagna Classico.. my fave and Brian ordered the Chicken Fetticini.. I love their salad and breadsticks.. The food definitely perked us up..

We talked a lot about things going on.. our struggles with parenting and how the zoloft has been helping me.. Just lots of good discussion..

Then we went to my parents.. hung out a little bit and then went home..

All in all it was a very nice night! Something we should do more often!

7 thoughts on “We had a date!!”

  1. Nathan and I used a gift card for a date night on Friday! That’s so neat. We had a wonderful time too!

    I’m so glad you were able to just sit down and enjoy one another. That’s so good.


  2. Thats nice that you got to go on a date! James and I try to do that a couple of times a month. It’s nice to re-connect! Your food sounds yummy, now I’m hungry, lol!


  3. We got an Olive Garden GC too! We went a couple of weeks ago.

    Glad to hear you had a good time. It is always nice to have a quiet dinner without the kiddos.


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