I’m so proud!!

My hubby is awesome!! He just had his quarterly performance review and he greatly exceeds! He is in line for a promotion to be a senior CSR.. which hopefully will happen because of the politics of the situation, technically you have to be a csr for at least 2-3 years and he hasn’t yet.. but he keeps getting awesome reviews that his boss is really pushing for him.. he is ready to be a lead, there just needs to be an open position.. his merit increase is going to be good come april and hopefully he gets that promotion on top of it! He is such a hard worker! I’m just so proud!

4 thoughts on “I’m so proud!!”

  1. Congratulations!!

    Did you get an e-mail from me this morning? I sent an e-mail through my web based e-mail which I’m supposed to be able to use from this computer but I don’t think it sent. I sent it to your gmail address, well I tried anyway. Leanna’s school computer does not allow cookies so my e-mail asked me for my name/password what seemed like every 5 seconds.


  2. Thanks!

    I didn’t get your email 😦 Try to send it again!

    I was worried about you, hope that your computer gets fixed asap!!


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