Heck ya!

I’m feeling better! Brian surpised us by bringing home McDonald’s and it was very tasty! Fattening yes, but great just the same LOL! I’m in a much better mood now that he is home and both girls are sleeping! Brianna for the night and Katie is in her swing fast asleep, she hasn’t been in that thing for a long time.. She looks so adorable! Anyway.. this is why I am ecstatic right now:

For one Life As We Know It is coming on like right now.. And I absolutely love this show!!!!

For two I got my 14 gauge belly ring in! WOOT!! I am so freaking excited about this!!! Very pleased!

So I’m off to watch my show!

I’m sure that I will be back on later!


Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!

They definitely worked, not feeling as emotionally drained at the moment!

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