None what-so-ever

I have absolutely no motivation today.. Maybe it’s because I forgot to take my zoloft, I should probably go do that.. Katie just nursed and went down for a nap.. Before that I was doing playdough with Brianna.. She is still playing with it.. I have laundry to do, beds to make, and dinner to figure out and it is 3:30.. I don’t wanto to do any of it.. I just want to take a nap.. What is wrong with me.. I just feel blah.. I would love a vacation! Some fun in the sun.. I think it is the weather that is getting to me.. I need spring to get her ASAP!!!! I’m tired of the cold and snow and it hasn’t even been around that long..

3 thoughts on “None what-so-ever”

  1. Oh love I hear ya!

    I seriously think it is the weather…I wanna do nothing but snuggle with Janna on the couch with a blanket and snooze or read to her or just sit there…

    I’m working on packing, but instead my living room looks like a distaster area from where I brought laundry up and other clothes down to figure out what to pack…plus Janna keeps bringing toys up and I keep thinking I need to get packed then clean everything else up…but I don’t wanna.

    And I’m wanting to eat now, but of course NOTHING we have sounds the least bit good to me right now *sigh*

    Sorry to hijack your post! LOL


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