We’re on the same page!

Brian said some things to me last night that made my heart melt!

He said on his way home from work he was thinking about our birth experience with Katie. How amazing it was and how he felt holding her for the first time. How tiny she was..

He said, I can’t imagine our family ever being done.. To say we will never go through that experience again and hold our tiny newborn..

So we might just have that big family I have always dreamed of!

We are definitely having 3 kiddos, God permitting of course!

But I would love to have more than that, at least 1 more!

6 thoughts on “We’re on the same page!”

  1. YEAY!
    1) for new friends! So happy about that

    and 2) for babies!!!! I know when Brett and I discussed it we were like not sure of a number, it changed around a BUNCH. Now we are at full capacity in both our vans but he was joking around with me that if I let him pierce his eyebrow we would have a 6th. I said I would have to wait on that one since in 3-4 years I will be 34, 35 that “dreaded” advance maternal age crap… HA HA! I said maybe I will relax on him embarrassing the kids with facial piercings. LOL!

    I just cannot imagine being “done” either. My hope is that someday I turn around and stumble over the grandkids too! 🙂


  2. LOL! You have two vans!!! I keep telling Brian that I want a new van and that he can drive my old one, not so old at 2003 but I love new things haha! and he says, we don’t need 2 vans.. Maybe if I push for more kids he will see the necessity.. I love mini-vans.. so roomy! I can’t believe I’m 24 and a van whore haha!


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