Determined, yes really.. I am..

I have got to get this crap hole I call my house in order! I just woke up and very crankily I might add.. I started mount laundry-more and I just want to get some things done today! But I feel as though I might have a slight addiction to LJ because I constantly want to check it and see what is going on with everyone.. It’s like my outlet to people who can talk about things other than baby story and Labyrinth.. LOL.. I need adult interaction!!! If I don’t get it I go insane! Anyway, here’s to a productive day!!!

11 thoughts on “Determined, yes really.. I am..”

  1. Mount Laundy-More, I love it! LOL I have the same thing going on. this cold weather just makes me want to visit live journal and drink hot tea all day long. Of course I also think I have a major live journal addiction, as a matter of fact I’m not even supposed to be here yet here I am. LOL Lee dropped my computer off this morning though. 🙂


  2. I think you are so right Mandy!!! I cannot get off this computer! I think that it definitely has to do with the weather! And my need for adult interaction.. but if the weather was nice, I would be out and about, not inside all day long!


  3. My kids tell me everyday that they can’t wait until it’s warm out. It’s a far cry from warm here this morning though. The last time I looked out it was 2 degrees!

    The guy just called about my computer and it’s cooked! Whah. 😦 He thought it was the power pack but he replaced that and still nothing so he took it apart and said it smells burnt. He thinks the motherboard is gone too. He can replace it with another one but it won’t even fit in my casing so my computer will look all different. My hard drive is new to though so I would have a whole new computer practically for $225.00 but right now that’s a lot so I don’t think Lee’s going to let me fix it. Yikes, sorry to bore you with all of my computer babble. How is your laundry coming. I haven’t even turned my washer on yet, I better get moving!


  4. I feel ya with the live journal addiction. I’m famous for saying “I’ll do the dishes, laundry, clean the living room, etc, right after I check live journal!” lol Hopefully we both get something done today.


  5. I’m the EXACT same way Veronica! My house is a mess, I was JUST telling my best friend how messy my house is and how it’s bugging me so much.
    Am I cleaning it up?
    Um…….well…..I will….but I HAVE to check LJ first.


  6. That totally stinks about the computer! I hope that you are able to get it fixed real soon!!

    My clothes are in the dryer and I should go run it for a few minutes to get the wrinkles out.. That means getting up.. Man am I lazy today!!!

    Alright, alright, I’m doing it LOL

    *hangs head in shame*



  7. Anything to procrastinate is my motto LOL..

    To bad I can’t be like Mrs. Weasley and enchant the cleaning supplies to do everything for me!

    Now that would be nice!


  8. I LOATHE laundry. I don’t have a choice now… HA HA! and I did it to myself…

    I mean ok I knew with 5 kids I would be knee deep in laudnry forever…that’s not it.

    But we had sewage backup this summer into our basement. 3 feet of sewage backup. We lost everything… kids clothes, our deep freezer, Little Tikes toys (big ones) handmade handcrafted wooden toys, our dehumidifier, computer, washer, dryer. We have lived here since 1999 when we bought the house and never EVER had issues like this. They built a new elementary school and they had to add 28 drainage ditches because they covered up so much land and they either did not add or added an improperly working drainage ditch. Our sewer system is antiquated and consequently those of us who had some seepage during rain had thousands of dollars lost this summer. It’s like 6 houses in my block and 8 in the block ahead of us closer to the school. ANYWAY… (sorry had to ‘splain that!)

    because we cannot keep buying a new washer and dryer we had to do something…so we are adding on 540 sq. feet to our house this spring (4th bedroom, 2nd bathroom and a rec room) and I will get “back” my dining room. We ate in the true breakfast nook and have our TV in our dining room since it makes more sense with the house layout (It’s an L shaped room living/dining combo thing). WELL I put the washer/dryer in the nook when we remodeled our bathroom. so now my laundry is on the first floor where EVERYONE can see it if I slack. LOL! SO I have to do at least two loads everyday.

    Doesn’t it SUCK! I hate it! My 3rd son, Aaron, comes home covered in stuff no matter where we go or what we do. He can find dirt at Church, honestly!!!! We call him Pig Pen. The older two are in basketball and have to have uniforms clean, warm up jerseys and then practice jerseys done at least twice a week. Alex is a spitter upper even though he is breastfed! and if someone could explain to me how a 5 week old baby pees out of his diaper I would be soooooooo grateful!!!!!! LOL!

    It’s the one chore I have had to learn to make myself like. Well that and cleaning pee off the toilet… but I won’t go into that!


  9. LOL! That is just crazy!! I would be livid if that would have happened to me! It irritates me when things are built and not properly planned for.. That so should not have happened!!!!!

    My laundry is in the upstairs loft and just piles next to the stairs, so by looking up you can’t see it.. but as soon as you hit the second floor, watch out! You have to climb over it! I love when it is all done! I just hate the doing it part LOL


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