Feeling slightly emotional right now.. Okay.. very emotional.. I feel like I’m about to burst into tears.. and the thing that set me off..

Brianna’s application for preschool next year.. I’ve been meaning to look over her school stuff for weeks and finally picked it up and see that it is due tomorrow.. It just reminds me how unorganized and forgetful I am.. Brian filled it just about all of it out.. He is so sweet to me.. It was like I was instantly overwhelmed.. yuck.. I don’t like feeling this way.. Brianna is going to go to preschool 3 days a week next year, she’ll be very excited about that! She loves school!

Tonight I worked on Brianna’s scrapbook a bit.. watched 7th Heaven with Brian.. Lucy had her baby! Yay! and now I’m about to go to bed..

I didn’t accomplish much of anything today.. I went to Sam’s and that is about it.. I was gone all day long, which means nothing got done around the house..

Tomorrow is preschool, which pretty much means that I am going to be gone all day again..

Maybe my Mom and I will go to the mall and pick up a baby gift for my Dad’s co-worker.. Then pick Brianna up and then come back to my house and do some major cleaning.. It needs it badly and my Mom loves to clean.. She is weird like that haha!

I’ll update on how my weekend was and post some pictures tomorrow..

3 thoughts on “Yuck..”

  1. What a nice DH to fill it all out. Don’t worry I know how you feel, I constantly put things off to the last minute. Its a very bad habit of mine.

    Show me the scrapbook pages. 😉


  2. First, (((HUGS))) I’m sorry you’re feeling super-emotional. Have yourself a good cry, it really helps.

    What did she have?
    *cry* We don’t get WB untill next week and I’ve been having to feed my 7th Heaven habit with *sniff* re-runs *sob* on ABC family.


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