That is what Brianna’s temp was yesterday. She started a fever on Sunday, could have been Saturday night though. This morning it was 100.9 So she missed out on her Valentine’s Day party at school. I feel so bad for her. She did such a good job on her valentines. Thursday is parent/teacher conferences, so no school that day either. She’ll just have to bring them next Tuesday. She is miserable until the motrin kicks in. Then she is happy and playing and herself and when it wears off she is miserable again. I hope she can kick this bug soon! She is starting to get her appetite back which is a good sign. And she has been drinking her juice so she isn’t dehydrated. I pray that she gets healthy again soon and that whatever it is doesn’t infiltrate the rest of us!

3 thoughts on “103”

  1. oh now that is so sad!!!!!!! I hate it when kids are sick but to miss her party too. Double yuck.

    Thank goodness she is drinking! Get better sweetie!!!!

    I will keep her in prayer and the rest of you too since it sounds like NO ONE needs to deal with this in your house!


  2. I’m sorry.:( I hope she feels better soon.

    Joe was really sick over the weekend too, and he missed his V-day party at the sitter’s yesterday as well. It stinks when the kids are sick!


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