The Kids

Brianna’s Developmental Report

Brian and I went to Brianna’s parent/teacher conferences today. She’s doing very well for her age, since she is one of the young 3’s (she has a late b-day). I’m so proud of her!

Favorites: Easel Paint, Manipulatives, Puzzles, Bikes, Swings, Sandbox, Sensory Table, Group Games

What does child think of self? Loved & Valued, Happy

How does child approach new situation? Willing to Try New Things, Needs Encouragement

How does child play? With Others, Adequate Attention Span for Age, Uses Appropriate Voice Levels, Plays Cooperatively with Group

Whom does she play with? Winston, Colleen, Kendall & Haley

What activities does child watch? Dramatic Play (sometimes), Movement

How does child relate to teachers? Needs Approval (Brianna needs encouragement from the teachers to try or begin an activity. Working on helping her make the choice)

Music: enjoys music, enjoys rhythmic activities

Art: enjoys process of art, water play/sensory table, likes to work with art media, gluing, play dough

Scholastic: likes to hear stories, follows direction

Creative: enjoys humor (We should see more of these as Brianna’s social growth comes into play)

Social & Behavioral Expectations: beginning to develop ability to interact with peers, readiness for taking turns evident in following ways – (lines up to take turn, doesn’t take more toys than needed in given situation), sympathetic (enjoys being with other children, aware of child crying)

Is She: content

During teacher directed activities is reaction: positive, accepting

Physical: goes to the bathroom with independence, age appropriate development (roll boll, push, stop or go on slide, wheel toys, run, pull, take turns, get drink when thirsty, hop) (some have either not been checked because they have not been seen or evaluated. some we will continue to work on)

Communications: acquiring social skills needed to get over feelings of shyness, self-consciousness, participates with others comfortably (this is coming), talking appropriate for age

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