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Katie is 8 months old! (as of 2/27/05)

I can’t believe that my baby is 8 months old!! It seems like just yesterday she was born! She has changed so much! She says mama, dada, baba and does a lot more babbling and squealing! She is such a happy, smily baby! She can crawl, and pull up to standing on furniture. She can go from lying down to sitting up. She is a baby on the move! Constantly on the go! She is a reverse-nurser. Too busy during the day to nurse, but makes up for it big time at night. She is such a cuddle bug and wants to get into everything! I know that she will be walking before I know it! She loves Emma and Finbar, though they run from her! And she loves playing with Brianna and all of Brianna’s toys! She likes to drink from a sippy cup and using a straw when we are out and about. She loves cheerios, rice and anything else we are eating! She is just such a wonderful joy to have in our family! She just fits with us Quinn’s! πŸ™‚

Yes, I want to play my instrument! She plays it like a trumpet, making the noise and everything!)

What do you want me to do Mom?

Look at my hair! Lots darker than my big sister!

Play that instrument!




I’m trying ti stand up!Β I love this face!

Look at me standing!

I love books!

10 thoughts on “Katie is 8 months old! (as of 2/27/05)”

  1. she is so pretty!!!! 8 months!!! WOW! to think when I joined Ohio_Mommies you were just about ready to have her!!!! incredible!


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