Prayers answered..

I have been praying to have a soft heart towards Brian, that God works on our marriage, and that He helps me to have emotional and physical desires for my husband and that we would be able to have some kid-free time. Brian and I have really had some great quality time together. No TV, just spending quiet time and talking together. It has really refreshed our marriage. Last night was a huge answer to prayer as well because we were able to be intimate and I didn’t feel self-conscious or remember the past. It was so wonderful. And Katie was asleep and she woke up to eat after we were done and not in the middle or beginning, which was great timing! God is wonderful! I’m so very thankful! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Prayers answered..”

  1. Wow. God is so good… Glad that was able to happen for you and your husband and your marriage. That really is wonderful how He wants to answer our prayers!


  2. That is so awesome sweetie! I am so happy for you! God truly is amazing! I’ve been doing A LOT of praying lately over things as well and the peace that I feel just doing that and knowing that He will take care of me is so refreshing.



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