Up and about..

at a little after 7 this morning. I don’t like being up early, though I think it is good for me. I am usually grumpy at first but then I am much more productive than if I had stayed in bed.

Brianna wants to have a surprise party for Brian when he gets home. We’re going to make cupcakes and decorate the house with streamers and balloons! Isn’t she sweet! It will be a surprise “we appreciate all the hard work that you do for our family” party!

Laundry has been a snap! There hasn’t been Mount Laundry More this week, because I have done a load everyday. It is so refreshing not to have piles of laundry sitting in the loft.

I need to clean the bathrooms today, that is my housecleaning goal. That and organizing Katie’s room!

I think I’m going to start planning out how I would like the bedrooms to look, because as soon as it is nice outside we are going to be painting! I want to give this house some character!

I’ve also been giving homeschool a lot of thought, but I’m not sure about that yet. If we don’t move out of this house before kindie, I don’t know what we are going to do. Maybe send Brianna to a Christian school, which would be about $3000…

Brian has an interview for a lead position tomorrow morning. I’ve been praying hard on this. He is definitely a great candidate for the job. There are numerous people going out for it as well. Keep us in your prayers about this. It would be the right track for a career at Ashland and also help out financially. Which to me, means being about to use the money to glorify God in some way or another. The extra income would definitely come in handy if Brianna went to a Christian school. I guess we’ll see what happens.

I need to update on Katie, she turned 8 months last Sunday! In another entry though..

3 thoughts on “Up and about..”

  1. she’s such a sweetie!!!!!

    Tuition bites. And when you think about it you are paying twice… taxes and tuition. I try not to think about that. Our tuition just increased a boatload!!!! but for me it is important for my kids to be totally immeresed in a school where people really love them as people, not just the kids they have to teach, where they can pray if they need to/want to/feel called to do so, where they are constantly reminded of God’s message and plan for us, and make friends whose parents have the same values as us. So I figure it was worth it. I just try not to think about when the older two are in high school and it will cost us 11k. (no way we will afford it and we will go to the school asking for assistance, and get it, but still!!!)

    I think homeschool is an awesome idea! I have to homeschool my oldest when he comes home… he has developmental delays, speech issues, learning disabilities and Sensory integration dysfunction so he needed to be in a place where he could be taught by people who have much more experience than I do. I often wish I could homeschool him! but usually his homework provides to be an extreme challenge so we look at it from different angles and views and try to come up with what will help him understand it.

    It’s something I started thinking about when Taylor was like 2!!! so I know how hard it is to make decisions!!! We lived in a crazy neighborhood before we bought our home. It was one block from the turn of the century oil mansions, but right in front, around the corner and across the street from of subsidized housing! We had a lot of car break ins, a shooting!!!! it was insane! I kept thinking my baby cannot go to school HERE! Parenting… I would not change any aspect of it for the world EXCEPT the worry and fret!!!


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