Katie was attacked..

We went to the playplace at the mall. She was having a blast crawling around and interacting with Brianna. I stood up and out of nowhere this 1.5 yo. boy grabbed her and she is screaming and his mother is trying to pry him off of her as I am trying to pull her out of his grasp. She was wailing and the mother was apologizing profusely.. Then I look at her and she has a bit mark on her right cheek. That boy bit my baby.. The mom took him and wrestled him into his stroller and left right away. Katie calmed down after a minute and then wanted to go back and play. But if she was crawling I was crawling right with her.. That kid came out of no where.. I can’t believe it. The whole thing happened in a minute.. My poor Katie.. The mark is gone now, but her cheek is still a little red.. 😦

12 thoughts on “Katie was attacked..”

  1. Poor Katie! I’m glad she’s ok. It does sound like the other mom tried to at least handle her child. Kids can be so unpredictable.


  2. What a little psycho!! How scary!! 😦 Where in the world do these young kids learn to be so aggressive?? My son is active and wild, but never in a million years would he just grab another child and start attacking her! I’m sorry!!


  3. Alorah got attacked by a psycho kid when she was around a year old at a playground..he picked her up and tried to rip out her earrings…he was truly the devil in a 4 year old body. He was ice cold! it was soooooooo creepy!

    I’m so sad Katie got mangled 😦 Bless her heart. Hugs hun!


  4. She kept apologizing, and she asked if he bit her. I didn’t see the mark at first because I was just trying to calm her down.. But I think there is a story there because he was spazing as she tried to wrestle him into his stroller and she smacked him on the face a few times.. She was far away though and I was just trying to calm Katie down.. She had a bath and you can see the teeth marks again, they are red.. I’ll have to take a picture..


  5. Poor little thing!
    I can only imagine how traumatizing that must have been for you Veronica, that’s scarey.


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