Brian’s Sister..

She needs help. Brian and I both feel as though his mom, dad and step-mom have given up on her. She doesn’t have a driver’s license, works about a day a week at a fitness place, and nanny’s for the week. hangs out with the wrong crowd, is very immature, takes things for granted, has no real sense of responsibility. she needs help in every sense of the word. we both think she would really benefit by coming to live with us, or at least staying with us for awhile. i think we really need to pray about it.. it’s something that has been on my heart off and on since brian and i have been married. lauren is 20 and just “messed up”.. she reminds me a lot about me before i turned my life around. which is very scary. i tried to call her tonight and it looks like her cell phone has been disconnected. she wasn’t good at paying her bill and i think Brian’s mom might have put her foot down and not paid it for her.. i really need to pray on this..

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