Brian feels inadequate as a parent and I don’t know what to do to help him. I guess just pray. But he doesn’t want to change, well I’m sure that he does, but he isn’t putting forth any effort to change.

Every bible study I have been too, except 1, he has called me on my cell yelling at me because I’m not on my way home yet.

Tonight he called “just to see if I was on my way home” because Katie spit up everywhere..

It irritates me that I’m supposed to handle everything and my one night away doing a bible study is always interrupted because he can’t take matters into his own hands.

Of course we got into a huge fight about it tonight. I just couldn’t hold my tongue any longer. I was frustrated and angry.

I really need to pray on this but I’m finding it difficult.

He said he didn’t want to talk about it because he was tired and had to get up early (quiet time and exercise before work) and I told him to skip exercise and sleep in. He said no because he needs to get healthy and he doesn’t want to slack.

I said you can’t slack on exercise but you can slack on trying to figure out your issues with parenting the girls.

It’s the same thing everytime. We talk about it and he makes excuses as to why he does it and feels the way he does but never any change.

Lord, please soften my heart towards my husband. Help me become a Godly woman, wife, and mother. Show me how to help Brian instead of hurt him. Help me to lift him and his spirit up instead of trampling it with my judgements and irritation.. Help him to become a Godly man, husband and father. I pray through your son, Jesus Christ..

6 thoughts on “sigh…”

  1. (((((hugs)))))))
    I’m so sorry hun. That is a really hard one. Maybe turn off your phone and tell him you will call when you are headed home. How long is the bible study?


  2. i would, but i like having it on for emergencies… we talked about things and he isn’t going to call unless it is absolutely necessary…


  3. yea… i hear ya. I’m the same way. I like having a phone w/ me at all times. I’m a worry wart lol

    That’s good you talked it out 😀


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