Much better…

I love my husband.. it is so much better to apologize than to let things go unresolved and festering..


I’m sorry for attacking you tonight. I have felt at odds with you all
week and I don’t like feeling that way at all. I love you. I like
spending time with you, I like feeling loved and making you feel
loved. The devil must have free reign on our marriage this week.. I’m
so sorry for hurting you. My heart was hard and obviously not very
loving towards you.

God, please help Brian and I have soft hearts towards one another. I
pray that we can work on Brian feeling inadequate as a parent
together. I pray that you heal his heart of the past. I pray that you
give Brian opportunities to strengthen his parenting skills. I pray
that you strengthen our marriage. Help us to love one another. Help us
to lift each other up positively. Help us to give each other a helping
hand. Please, give us a desire to serve you and each other with a soft
loving heart. Please protect us and our marriage from the evil one. I
pray these things in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.

I love you.. Maybe a nap after dinner and before bible study will
refresh you a little bit. I know you must be tired from getting up
early for quiet time and exercise. You need the rest. I will get
Brianna and Katie ready for bed while you do that.

All my love,


I’m sorry for my attitude this week.  It has been terrible.  And to be honest, I am not totally sure why it has been that way.  

I have my ups and downs as a parent, I felt really down as a parent after our conversation last night.  Sometimes I just feel completely inadequate, like I don’t have the strengths or capabilities to be a good parent.  I feel like my patience is bad with Brianna, I feel like my disciplining skills are bad as I just tend to raise my voice which does no good.  

I have been a crappy husband this week.  I have been snappy and moody, I apologize for that.

Thanks for the nap offer, but I would rather spend time with you and the kids.

Thanks for the prayer below.  Your heart has come a long way over the past couple of months.  

I love you.


8 thoughts on “Much better…”

  1. Sometimes my husband & I let things fester for a while… Especially when he’s working weird hours and we barely see each other.
    It’s MUCH better to appologize. We’ve been doing much better since we’ve agreed not to let the sun go down on our anger.

    Isn’t it amazing how praying for the other really makes your bond stronger!?


  2. It takes work for me to apologize, i can be so stubborn.. and i tend to hold in my feelings.. but i’ve really been praying about it and trying not to do it.. praying for Brian and our marriage has definitely strengthened us! truly amazing how wonderful God is!


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