I’m kind of angry….

Brian and I went to see Meet the Fockers tonight. He hadn’t seen it yet. My parents watched the girls for us. We went to the dollar theater but they were sold out so we went to the regular theater and it was still playing there. So we get inline to get movie food: popcorn, cokes and peanut m&m’s.. We run into someone from church. Did the peasant small talk and she asked what we were seeing.. I said Meet the Fockers, that Brian hadn’t seen it yet but I had.. She said “oh” in the most judgemental voice I have ever heard in my life and then just stared at us.. She said they were seeing Robots and then we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

I’m at my parents and we are leaving now, but I just had to say that Brian and I were highly aggravated.. Quite frankly, I feel it was rude and uncalled for. Especially since the movie isn’t that bad.

Am I way off base here?

7 thoughts on “I’m kind of angry….”

  1. And hello, you are grown adults!! That is so incredibly rude, it’s not like you said you were saying “Debbie Does Dallas” and are going to a swingers party afterward! That was totally uncalled for and she shouldn’t have done that. 😦 Sorry.


  2. I would be mad too. We have some friends like that, they think they are absolutely perfect people and if you don’t see things their way they figure you aren’t doing things right. Just remember she’s the one with the problem not you guys.


  3. I agree Veronica, it was definitely rude. Being a Christian, you should, #1 try not to pass judgement and #2 especially not judge someone by their choice of movie!

    Try not to let it bother you hun. There will always be somebody like this, unfortunately. Big hugs!


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