Emma drives me nuts. She is always getting into everything and she is a straw addict.. I’ve had some tooth sensativity lately and I use straws so cold drinks don’t bother me.. Sometimes I forget to put my drink in the fridge if I’m not done with it.. the reason I put it in the fridge is because Emma goes after the straw and almost always knocks my drink over trying to get it out..

I came upstairs to start making beds and the laundry and Katie started fussing, ready for her morning nap, so I go down to get the boppy to feed her and Brianna had gotten out 3 yogurts and eaten them all somewhat and I see my glass laying on the table, straw gone and watermelon cherry lemonade all over the floor..

I am so aggravated!

1 thought on “Arg…”

  1. Sorry hun đŸ˜¦ I feel ya this morning though, Abby spilled a bowl of Honeycomb cereal allllll over the table, chairs & floor, took forever to clean and it is still sticky :*( I told her she was lucky the new chairs have the plastic cover on them still, lol!


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