so i’m an introvert.. I have my moments when i become extroverted.. this isn’t one of them.. or is it…

brianna spazed out tonight. there was a vip night at her school and brian was going to go with her.. she freaked.. said she wanted to go to bed instead… after kicking and screaming and fighting.. so i put her to bed.. i was in charge of bringing 2 dozen cookies (snickerdoodles: so quick and easy and yummy) Brian brought them.. he just got home hopefully with mcdonalds, which he got and ladder 49.. which he just said the woman in front of him got the last copy.. sigh.. oh well.. i’m tired and have felt ill the last few days.. usually after eating or not eating.. like nausea.. thinking maybe the hormone in the mirena? i know that when i was on the mini pill i would feel ill at times.. brian said he got the village.. he was going to get friday night lights but wasn’t sure if i wanted to see it, must be why he called my cell but i didn’t answer.. it was all the way downstairs and i’m upstairs with a sleeping katie on my lap.. i’m tired but i said that already.. i must really be bored.. i tend to say i’m tired when i’m bored.. i got up at 6:40 this morning… i like my sleep.. no.. i like my dreams.. always an adventure.. thoughts are good.. thinking about sharing more of them on here.. it’s no fun wearing a mask.. but sometimes sharing can be scary… the village is probably going to scare the crap out of me.. scary movies affect me so.. is that the correct usage of affect?


7 thoughts on “Yeah…”

  1. I just saw the village the other week. Im such a wuss when it comes to scary movies even thou I konw they are fake. The village had some parts where I jumped 3ft off the couch and was laughed at by everyone but it wasn’t overly scary like i thought it would be. I love how it ended (trying not to give to much away)


  2. Kids will be kids, but it can be so very frustrating! I am the same with with scary movies, I just can’t watch them anymore because I get too worked up!! LOL


  3. James and I really enjoyed The Village. It was scary like we thought it would be, and we loved the ending!
    I’m glad that you liked it too!


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