The \
Last Cigarette: Vanilla Cigarette November 2000
Last Alcoholic Drink: Strawberry Daquiri October 2004
Last Car Ride: Yesterday
Last Kiss: This morning
Last Good Cry: Not sure
Last Library Book: Not sure
Last book bought: Professionalizing Motherhood
Last Book Read: Desecration: Left Behind Series
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Meet The Fockers
Last Movie Rented: The Village
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Shit
Last Beverage Drank: Watermelon Cherry Lemonade
Last Food Consumed: McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
Last Crush: My hubby
Last Phone Call: Last night, my Mom
Last TV Show Watched: Judging Amy
Last Time Showered: Yesterday morning
Last Shoes Worn: My newbalance
Last CD Played: Alien Ant Farm
Last Item Bought: Radioflyer Pathfinder Wagon and Vanilla Chai Tea
Last Download: Don’t know
Last Annoyance: Brianna taking out every toy from toy box
Last Disappointment: Brian not getting the lead job
Last Soda Drank: Cherry Coke
Last Thing Written: Cherry Coke haha
Last Key Used: a
Last Words Spoken: Katie go find Brianna
Last Sleep: last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten: chocolate
Last Chair Sat In: the computer chair
Last Webpage Visited: google

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