18 thoughts on “stolen from Jenn!”

  1. the journal and body stuff you sent me when you where my SS 🙂 I still have both and always think of you!

    I also have Katie’s pic on my fridge from the card you sent

    You are just always so sweet!


  2. The first thing I remember about you was a long time ago before Katie was even concieved. You had a country sig I really liked on MTT.

    Most recent would be when you offered me your e-mail address when I was having a rough time and all of the support you’ve given me since then. 🙂


  3. I don’t rmember a whole lot (Bad bad friend) But I do know it seems like I have known you for a long time 😉

    I know that you are always happy and optomistic~You always have faith…I like that about you!


  4. I remember posting with you @ JFUM. 🙂 and Brianna when she was a wee little one. *sniff*

    You’re a great person and I am always learning so much from your religious posts, even if I don’t say so. ❤


  5. I remember when you replied to one of my posts and said that you missed your “Crystal Fix”. I was so flattered to know that you noticed I had been MIA.


  6. You getting poison ivy from the empty lot next to your house on Newgate when you first moved in.

    Halloween party/haunted house in your closet that I didn’t get to go to because I was sick 😦

    Trying to insulate the clubhouse with plastic from newspaper bags and electric tape.

    The Indian game.

    Spy club, and you writing down that a bird almost hit you and Kelli.

    Lots, of course, but these were less obvious ones than the trolls and forts that we normally associate our memories with 🙂


  7. I remember buying that journal and wrapping it up and thinking.. Ang is so sweet, I need to get her something else too, and that is where the bath stuff came in LOL.. I was so excited to have you as my person!

    I have your family on my fridge too 🙂

    I just really appreciate your friendship!


  8. I remember that siggy.. It was a country graphics siggy..

    I’m glad that we have become such great friends! I really appreciate having you in my life 🙂


  9. LOL! Same here, but I know that I have “known” you forever it seems like! And your children are beautiful.. So photogenic!


  10. Wow, that seems like so long ago.. JFUM lol..

    Your such a sweetheart!

    It brightens my spirit to hear that you learn things from my spiritual posts! 🙂


  11. LOL, such great memories..

    do you remember when we made a paper ouija board, because we wanted to do it and your mom forbid you to have it or play!


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