oh why do my children like to get up so early.. I like to sleep, why don’t they like to sleep as well.. I know that 6:15 isn’t that early for some, but for me it is! Katie was up and ready to go, kept hitting me in the face and kicking me to get me to wake up.. she is now asleep and I am up.. Brianna is downstairs watching the family christmas movie on dvd.. the first part is where she and brian went sledding in the backyard.. i put together the little tikes picnic table, umbrella and all and it is in the family room. i still need to tighten the bolts but we don’t have an allen wrench and i forgot to get one from my parents yesterday.. we need more tools, brian isn’t really into the handyman thing but i am.. i love building and all that jazz.. it’s fun.. anyway she’s sitting at the table with some animal crackers and raisins.. i really need to start the laundry.. i let it pile up again.. the weekends are so bad for me in regards to doing the laundry.. i really can’t wait until spring and summer.. this cold is depressing me so much.. i feel lethargic and just don’t want to do anything.. i need sunlight and warmth! we are going to the franklin conservatory today for a butterfly show. should be fun as long as brianna cooperates.. she has been a pistol lately.. yesterday i told her that she couldn’t do or have something and that she needed to listen to me.. she says, no mommmy, you listen to me or the fire engines are going to come and take you away.. where does she get this stuff.. i really hope it is a phase.. i’m using the ignore tactic because she will just keep asking and asking hoping to break you down.. kids are brilliant, they really are.. so smart.. i think she needs a dose of fresh air as well.. she needs to be outside running around and playing.. get all that energy out! katie is awake.. she smiling at me.. so precious.. she’s such a little lover.. she just fills my heart right up! as does brianna.. my kids are so special to me! see it takes me a few minutes to warm up in the morning haha! i’m not a morning person especially when it is cold outside! i will be a morning person in the spring and summer though.. it must be that seasonal affective disorder.. how i love to blame my issues on other things, lol…

3 thoughts on “Why”

  1. Man tell me about it! Joe was up at 5:30 this morning and it doesn’t matter what time he goes to bed he is always up super early! Drives me nuts because I am not a morning person.


  2. Ack, luckily Robbie lets me sleep in until atleast 8:30 – which sadly I think is still TOO early. I have depression issues too and the winter months make is sooooo much worse, and I “deal” with it by wanting to sleep all the time 😦 I can’t wait for spring to arrive already.


  3. I’m looking forward to Spring as well. Gosh, 6:15 is early. Ashlyn is usually up around 7:30 and that’s early enough. Of course, I HAVE to be up before then because that’s when daycare kids arrive, but somedays I’m pretty groggy and not really awake yet, lol.

    Have a good day! Good luck on the laundry, I hear ya on that one.


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