I’m overweight..

I know that I am.. I can grab a good hunk of chub from my belly and yet I am not motivated at all to work out and get rid of it.. I think it is because in the back of my mind I know that we are going to have more kids and I’m just going to have to gain weight and get all stretched out again with the next pregnancy, so why bother.. Wrong attitude I know.. I should try to get as much of this weight off as possible.. I need to stop my awful eating habits as well.. Sigh… Maybe I should take a picture of myself, exposing the chub and share it and then share every month so that you all can keep me accountable for getting healthy and doing some exercise.. I’ll think about that.. maybe I’ll have Brian take a picture of me tomorrow.. If that won’t embarass me enough to take action, I don’t know what will!

6 thoughts on “I’m overweight..”

  1. btdt. you can totally do it hon! It took a long time to get motivated after having Robbie. I was so disappointed because the weight just melted away after Jaina. Robbie was 8 months old and I still looked like I was 4-5 months pregnant. It was so depressing that I gave up before I started.

    Is there something that you REALLY want? Maybe you could treat yourself to something small with each milestone you reach? I didnt truely get motivated until Robert and I planned to go on vacation alone and I realized I couldn’t see myself decently wearing a bathing suit at all *shudders*

    I also dreaded the routine. I hated setting a time in the beginning and saying “Ok from 8-9 I’ll work out” because I’d occupy myself and Oops the time passed. So I started doing little things right in the middle of something, like when I was laying on the floor playing with the kids I’d do 25 crunches and at random parts of the day. After a few weeks of that I started seeing results and THAT motivated me to start running on the treadmill and getting in a routine.

    I am your little cheering squad over here! You can do it!! 😀


  2. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom Renee and for being my cheering squad!!!! You rock girl!

    This summer we are going to PA and Brian’s Mom has a pool so Brianna is definitely going to want to go swimming. We went last year when Katie was 2 months old and I didn’t have a bathing suit, just this tank top and shorts and I was literally falling out of the top and just looked huge.. I mean, I know I just had a baby but it was so embarassing. So I really want to be somewhat in shape when we go there this summer. Perhaps that can be my motivation!


  3. ((hugs)) I still think you look beautiful in your user pic. I had the same attitude as you (and so does many women). It is harder to loose and stay motivated the more baby weight I carried around (I never lost all that came from Matthew). I lost everything I gained from having Hailey just by walking and watching what I ate. I still got to eat pizza if I wanted to, but just less of it. I can’t stick to those fad diets, they didn’t work for me at all. So if I could loose, you can too. We are all here for you.


  4. It’s so hard getting the motivation to get in shape!! Once you get the motivation it’s so much easier and we seem to make the time, but until then we just make excuse after excuse!! I hope you can find it!! 🙂


  5. I always wonder what finally gets a person motivated. Especially when it comes to weight. Do you finally hit rock bottom and then make the change? It’s like a light is turned on for some people and they can make the commitment and lose weight. I did ok for a while and lost weight on Weight Watchers but now it is like someone turned off the light and I don’t know where the switch is to turn it back on. (Boy, I am rambling here)

    I know you can do it! You can do anything you set your mind to. The best thing once you are in the groove it is easy. You will feel better about yourself which will run over to all other parts of your life.


  6. good luck hun 🙂 I have NO motivation either :-/ And I know we’re not even having anymore babies. I just grew this HUGE liking for food. Well, acutally… i’ve always had it lol My metablism was just WAY better pre-kids hehehe The good thing is they have such yummy healthy foods now 🙂 ((hugs))


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